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10 Useful Websites to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Next Trip

Travel blogs are often a very personal choice for readers and everyone enjoys something different. It seemed like only a few years ago when great blogs were hard to find but the truth is, there are so many nowadays that choosing between them is often the difficult part.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some of my own personal favorites and ten useful websites to help you get the most out of your next trip:

The Points Guy - For More Air Miles

If you’re like me, you completely ignored the benefit of air miles until a deep sense of guilt set in. It’s true, in spite of all the flights, I have precisely no miles or upgrades to show for my efforts.

The Points Guy was started by Brian Kelly and has an incredibly wealth of content which teaches travelers how to gain more points. Needless to say, the more you fly, the more points and upgrades or special privileges you will receive.

The website has more than 40 staff who spend their time analyzing the points and lies industry to help their readers find the most value from their flights around the world. Amazing.

The Broke Backpacker – For Finding Better Hostels

The Broke Backpacker does a deep dive into the best hostel in every city around the world which means you never need another website to find the best place to stay.

Will Hatton is one of the best known travel bloggers on the planet and first came to my attention when he backpacked across Iran. However, the Broke Backpacker is not so broke anymore and has now traveled to more than fifty countries around the world.

The amount of “How to” or “Best places to stay” content is what I really appreciate about this blog. Unlike most travel blogs, there is no biased recommendations and instead of listing just a few, Will goes on to rate every hostel based on very specific preferences such as the best party hostel, best couples hostel, best hostel for digital nomads etc.

TripHackr - For Travel Hacking

Travel hacking is often seen as a bit of a fad but the truth is, you can save some serious cash when you make the right moves. Clint Johnston uses Triphackr to explain exactly what this involves and how you can find cheap accommodation, food, flights, tours and pretty much anything else related to travel.

Secret Flying – For Cheap Flights

Sooner or later, everyone hears about Secret Flying which dives into the cheapest flight deals all around the world at any given time. In truth, there is no exclusivity to the site in a sense that these secret deals are announced depending on their merit or value rather than where they end up.

Interestingly, Secret Flying was created by an ex-travel agency who wanted to take their skills and make them available to the public. If you want to keep up to date in real time, the social accounts for Secret Flying are especially worth following.

The Blonde Abroad – For What to Wear When You Travel (For Females)

Kiersten is one of the better known travel bloggers by now and has spent six years traveling to more than 70 countries. As the tag line suggests, this is a great site for females in particular as the blog gives excellent advice and tips for what to pack and wear on a trip around the world.

Although much of this advice is fashion related, the nature of travel means that the recommendations are mostly focused on comfort and practicality rather than just looking good!

Hostelworld or – For Easy Bookings and Better Value

Both of these websites are fantastic on the road but for most people, they have a specific preference for either hostels of hotels. Either way, each one is equally useful in a sense that usually requires not advance payment or credit card details and Hostelworld charges just one dollar per booking.

It must also be said that the review system on these particular sites are much more reliable than Trip Advisor or and you can make a more informed decision that will usually provide more value.

Migrationology - For the History of Food and Where to Eat

Mark Wien is super famous and was one of the very first travel bloggers on the scene. At one time, he focused mostly on food in Southeast Asia but has since branched out to write about food in multiple cities and countries, from Istanbul and Mexico to Dubai and the backstreets of Nairobi.

Whether you agree with his taste in specific dishes or not, Migrationology is an excellent source for finding the best places to eat in various pockets of the world. What’s more, Mark takes time to explain the relevance of food in each destination which often feeds into the culture and traditions that you can expect to encounter.

Halfway Anywhere – For Outdoor Adventure Travel

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to climb Kilimanjaro or hike the Pacific Crest Trail. However, Mac from Halfway Anywhere has put together the most impressive collection of outdoor related content I have ever seen.

If you want to know the best travel backpack, Mac has compiled a list of the most impressive options based on a survey of thousands of hikers. As if that’s not enough, this blog is a great place to learn about some of the most exciting hiking trails and outdoor adventures around the world — from a very laid back and easy going perspective!

Uncornered Market – For Volunteers and Mindful Travel Experiences

It’s easy to get carried away with the logistics of a trip but Dan and Audrey from Uncornered Market do a great job of focusing on culture of the unseen reasons you might want to travel. With this in mind, the blog is full of heartwarming travel stories and meaningful accounts of their sustainability efforts around the world.

In fact, these travel bloggers work with the UN Tourism Council and take great pride in relaxing their experience so that other travelers can one day follow in their footsteps.

Sleeping in Airports – For the Best Places to Sleep in Every Airport

Finally, my absolute favourite – sleeping in airports! It does exactly as you might expect and outlines the very best spots in every airport where you can catch some sleep.

It might be an abandoned terminal or simply a quiet spot behind the café at departures but this information is gold for overnight connections and especially long layovers. This website also helps you save money, for why pay for a hotel when there’s an equally attractive spot to sleep next to your check-in desk!

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