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10 EPIC Blogs for People Who Enjoy Traveling

Travel blogs are often a very personal choice for readers and everyone enjoys something different. It seemed like only a few years ago when great blogs were hard to find but the truth is, there are so many nowadays that choosing between them is often the difficult part.

But what EPIC blogs should you be following in the upcoming year?

Let’s take a look at ten of the most EPIC blogs for people who enjoy traveling

Expert Vagabond – For True Adventure Travel

I guess travel really is an addiction. You see, when Matthew Karsten first started out as a travel blogger, he tended to visit the usual travel destination around Southeast Asia and South America. However, as time passed, it would seem that Matthew is increasingly “out there”.

For example, the Expert Vagabond hiked the remote Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland just a few years ago and after a trip to Iceland in between, he ventured into unknown territory in Iraq. Whatever you might think about that last example, his travel blog is EPIC and full of genuinely adventurous trips.

Travel Tramp – For Travel to Abandoned Places

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this travel blog but Richard has a very interesting way in which he likes to see the world. That is to say, he tends to seek out the most abandoned landmarks on earth and spend as much time as possible taking photographs of these creepy places.

While there is no apparent reason for visiting these places, his travel blogs are super interesting and take the reader to many restricted areas such as abandoned Soviet Camps in Kyrgyzstan, ancient ruins in East Timor and the desolate wasteland we know as Chernobyl.

Africa Geographic - For Taking a Trip to Africa

In case you might be asking yourself, this travel blog is no correlation to National Geographic but nevertheless, it’s arguably the best travel blog for Africa that you will every find. In most cases, the imagery or videos are published by safari guides and specialists which offers a genuine insight into what you can expect on safari.

That being said, Africa Geographic also places a large importance on sustainability and culture so it’s a travel blog with many angles and plenty of inspiration for anyone who might be thinking about a trip to Africa.

The Adventurists – For Pure Madness

If you have ever heard about the Mongol Rally, you might be familiar with this epic travel blog. The Adventurists are responsible for starting this rally but then this is one of many wacky adventures that they like to organize.

You see, intrepid travelers can now enter a whole host of long distance adventures including the “Ice Run” which involves a motorbike ride across Lake Baikal in Russia and the “Rickshaw Run” which requires one to drive a rickshaw all the way through India. You see? Madness.

The Longest Way Home – For Embracing the Uncertainty of Travel

Although travel guides are now the focus of the Longest Way Home, the back catalogue is incredibly inspiring. It follows a very humble Englishman (David) on a long distance trip from Portugal in Europe all the way to Shanghai in China.

Needless to say, he had to travel through the Middle East along with various sections of the Silk Road and the end result is an excellent example of how uncertainty should be embraced when we travel.

Oneika the Traveller – For an Alternative Point of View

Oneika travels like crazy but she is defintely one of the more transparent travel bloggers out there. In fact, aside from the usual guide-related posts, the travel blog often talks about racial prejudice and how Oneika is sometimes received in certain parts of the world.

With this in mind, the blog talks politics through travel and gives the perspective of a black female traveler which is strangely uncommon in the world of travel blogs. That being said, her photographs and tales are fantastic and this is defintely a blog to follow for an alternative point of view on travel.

Be My Travel Muse – For Inspiration to Travel Alone

Kirstin Addis is a long time travel blogger who likes to focus on female solo travel. In fact, she has yet to stop moving since first setting off six years ago and now has her own tour business. But why might you want to follow Be My Travel Muse?

Well, this is one of the most inspiring solo travel blogs for females in particular. While you will find tips and tricks for endless destinations, this is such a great resource of practical advice on safety in particular. If you want to travel alone next year, this is where you will find the inspiration.

Garfors – For Getting Out of Your Travel Comfort Zone

It would seem that many of the best travel destination are hard to reach and Garfors goes about making that task just a little bit easier. Incredibly, Gunnar Garfors has visited every country in the world and loves nothing more than taking his readers to places like North Korea and Yemen.

These places are not for everyone of course but the stories are crazy and quite inspiring to those who may be stuck in their travel comfort zone – if there is such a thing!

The Everywhereist – For Funny Stories and Fascinating Landmarks

Geraldine DeRuiter is one of the smartest travel bloggers out there and has a unique talent for combining funny stories with useful travel information. You will find great city guides on here but the blog is especially good for picking out the best landmarks to visit.

In this sense, while the blog is littered with ruminations, they simply bring color and humor to the most important attractions and places to see.

Fearful Adventurer – For Slightly Unconventional Travel Inspiration

Firstly, if you are easily offended, this may not be the best travel blog to check out. That being said, Torre DeRoche is such a transparent, fun and quirky travel blogger who talks candidly about the psychology of travel.

In other words, she writes about fear, anxiety and all the things that can make one nervous, without hiding any insecurities in the process. If I was to pick some travel blogs to encourage first time travelers to get out of their box, this would certainly be up there.

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